LIVE In The Courtyard

*Roasted Tomato Mushroom Soup- Parmesan, basil pesto $6

*Chilled Melon Soup- Crushed Yucca chips  $6

*Sweet Potato Fries- Topped with parmesan $6

*Sautéed Calamari- Capers, orange zest, tomato, pesto, shaved fennel, spinach $11

*Prince Edward Island Mussels- Garlic, ginger, lemon-curry cream sauce $12

*Fried Okra- Charred pepper aioli $6

*Grilled Crab Cake- Mango-mint coulis with  a mixed green, cannellini bean salad.  Basil-citrus vinaigrette $13

*Sautéed Filet Mignon- Sautéed with mixed mushrooms, fresh herb crostini $13

*House Salad- Mixed greens, carrots, red cabbage, cucumber, tomato cruda, balsamic vinaigrette $6

*Mozzarella- Mixed greens, fresh house made mozzarella, vine-ripened tomatoes, basil oil $12

*Roasted Beets- Salad of mixed greens, spiced walnuts, goat cheese, pomegranate vinaigrette $10

*Grilled Salmon Salad- Mixed baby greens, in-house poached pear, crumbled gorgonzola, mango-green apple champagne vinaigrette $18

Children’s Menu (12 and under please)

*Bowl of Penne Pasta- Tossed with choice of tomato sugo or butter cream sauce with parmesan $5  (add chicken, meatballs or shrimp for $3)

Main Course

*Shrimp Over Polenta- Sautéed shrimp, apple-wood smoked bacon, peri-peri’s, scallions, marsala-thyme cream sauce, grilled polenta cakes, queso fresco  Sm $16/ Rg $18

*Grilled Eggplant- Parmesan encrusted eggplant over a cheese raviolo in a basil pesto crema, topped with an aromatic tomato sugo  $17

*Seafood Linguini- Shrimp, mussels, calamari, chorizo sausage, tomato-fennel sugo  $20

*Chargrilled Filet Mignon- Mashed potatoes, sautéed haricot vert with a porcini and plum-cabernet reduction   $26

*Shrimp Cous Cous- Shrimp sautéed with mushrooms, peri-peri’s, celery root and spinach in a curry-ginger coconut cream.  Topped with Queso fresco  Sm $16 / Rg $18

*Parmesan Basil-Encrusted Salmon- Mashed potatoes, herbed sautéed vegetables $20

*Seared Scallop Risotto- Seared scallops over a risotto of red grapes, caramelized fennel, scallions, fresh thyme and Queso fresco.  Topped with a pomegranate reduction   $24

*Savory Chicken- Honey-thyme Dijon encrusted chicken breast with mashed potatoes and herbed sautéed vegetables  $18

*Shrimp Tortellini- Shrimp sautéed with chorizo and roasted peppers, cheese tortellini in white wine sauce.  Topped with arugula  Sm $17 / Rg $19

*Braised Short Ribs- Slow braised short-rib over a golden beet and mushroom risotto.  Topped with an Ancho chili-apricot glaze  $24

*Scallop Raviolo- Seared scallops over a grilled four cheese raviolo in a smoked gouda-celery root mornay with sautéed haricot vert, chorizo, cannellini beans, tomatoes  $24

*Meatballs-  Sausage and beef meatballs over linguini pasta tossed with peperonata, in a veal-tomato sugo  $19

*Chicken Agnolotti- Sautéed chicken, apple-wood smoked bacon, crimini mushrooms,  granny smith apples in a marsala-parmesan cream, sweet potato agnolotti  Sm $16/ Rg $18

* Our cuisine is Southernterranean© We use only house vegetable stock in our cooking.

Reservations highly recommended

Executive Chef: Brett Crowley  Chef de Cuisine: Casey Crowley
*$3.00Split charge *18% Gratuity will be added to parties of 6 or more*
 We make our own mozzarella cheese, dipping oil, sauces & vinaigrettes. We sell only fresh, locally made ravioli and desserts. We do not use animal stock. For parties of six (6) or more: no separate checks and 18% gratuity will be added.  Our menu changes seasonally. Split Charge $2.00